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Why buy from

Real DJ’s
Who better to talk to you about DJ gear than a DJ?? Wanna buy a guitar? There is a center for that. Wanna find out how a new mixer or controller works? Come to us…the experts. This is the reason agiprodj was started in the first place. We do what you do. We understand how you think, what you need, and in many cases the day-to-day challenges you face. Whether it be mobile or club experience, the person you work with at agiprodj often has 20+ years of experience doing the same thing you do. We aren’t “salespeople.” We’re just people that are passionate about the DJ industry and love helping fellow DJ’s find solutions.
Authorized Dealer
Most people don’t think twice about making sure their purchase comes with a full warranty-whether it is a car, a new flat screen TV, or even a vacuum cleaner. In almost all cases, you buy products not from the manufacturer but from a dealer or retailer. Authorized dealers have a direct relationship and good standing with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) whose product you are buying. When you purchase gear from any dealer that is NOT authorized, there is a very good chance you won’t get a warranty. A hard-to-believe price? Often times yes. A warranty? Most likely not. Worth it? Never. And don’t take our word for it…call up any manufacturer whose product you’re considering buying and ask them. Find out from them why this matters, and which dealers are in fact authorized. You spend good money on your gear. Make sure you buy it from a legitimate source. We are an authorized dealer for every single item we sell.
Latest Gear & Product Videos
The agiprodj YouTube channel has achieved some of the highest levels of recognition in the industry, and we are grateful for everyone who has viewed and subscribed to our channel to make this possible. You are helping us help you. As a result, the biggest & best DJ gear manufacturers in the world continue to come to us first with anything new and upcoming in the industry. In turn, our mission is to get you the gear that is right for YOU, which makes you a better DJ. It’s a continuous cycle.
Low Prices…Free shipping…NO sales tax!
Manufactures love us! Often times we are the first to get new products in stock, and we purchase gear at the absolute best prices possible. And almost every single thing we sell ships for free and without sales tax. Combine our low prices with the best service experience in the industry and you have a winning combination. Click here for more information on our price matching policy.
Unmatched Service
This is something we “hang the headphones” on at agiprodj. This is what we pride ourselves in. This is what we’re known for. Many times when you get a low price from someone, good service just isn’t a part of that experience. Sometimes the real test of service doesn’t come when things go right; it’s what you do when things don’t go right. Whether it’s a delay from the manufacturer, a product that arrives to you damaged after shipping, or something just flat out doesn’t go right…our customers report back to us that they feel we have a genuine interest in them and their business to make it right. And why wouldn’t we? We’ve been in your shoes. We are DJ’s ourselves and understand exactly what it’s like on your side of the fence.
Multiple Lines of Communication
Listing this as a reason to buy from agiprodj seems ridiculous at first glance. That is until you try to contact other DJ gear dealers. Some dealers don’t even have a phone number and you have to be some kind of Google expert to even locate an email address or place of business. To us, that seems a little suspect. Our customers are invited to contact us many different ways, including:
Phone: 866-PRO-MIXX
Chat: website
Reputation and Character
This is the real measure of any company. So many of our customers are repeat customers that we often times know them by name and even voice! Not bad for a DJ store selling gear all over the country.
Words our customers use to describe us include laid back, no pressure, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and unbiased. Reputation follows a company everywhere, and we challenge you to be a detective. Find out how we compare to our competition. Look for reviews on the internet. Read posts on forums about the dealers you buy gear from. The word on the street is that agiprodj is THE place to go.
In closing, many of our customers report back to us two main reasons why they buy from us:
1) They feel like they’re connecting with real DJ’s that understand the industry, the gear, and most of all THEIR needs.
2) Their purchase and service experience before and many times after the sale far exceeds that of any other dealer in the country.