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Price Matching?

Will you match a competitor’s price?
We recently had a DJ leave this comment on our YouTube channel, "instead of saying you have the lowest price maybe you should say you have the best customer service." We could not agree more. Think about it - when was the last time you saw a DJ gear retailer say, "Find any dealer’s superior service and we will MEET or BEAT that service!" You won’t. Most places don’t care. Most places have a business model that is based on moving boxes. Low price always seems to come at the price of poor service. Got a great deal on your gear, but your dealer has no phone number to call when there is a problem? Was that great price really worth your time and aggravation? With agiprodj, you get the best of both worlds. The short answer to price matching is yes…we will price match.
Here’s the fine print:
The item must be identical, including model number, components and U.S. warranty.
It must be advertised in print (catalog) or on the web - AND it must NOT be breaking MAP (minimum advertised price) - most dealers who break MAP are not authorized.
The item must be in stock and available for purchase at the advertised price from a factory authorized dealer, whose authorization we reserve the right to verify. This guarantee is limited to one refund per item.
A PRICE MATCH will be considered ONLY if you are making the purchase from AGIPRODJ.
Which items does not price-match?
* Items listed on unauthorized auction sites like eBay, YAHOO! & Amazon Auctions.
* Items from non-factory authorized dealers.
* Demos, used, or ‘open box’ items.
* Clearance, red tag, discounted items, closeouts, liquidations, or special order items.
* Items that are NOT in stock-this is a bait & switch tactic that some dealers do. They post B-stock or out of stock prices, then when you place the order everything changes.
* We reserve the right to not sell at or below our cost. Some dealers make deals that just defy logic. We’ll be the first to tell you if you should grab it!