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AUDIO INNOVATE innoFADER PNP Replacement Non-Contact Crossfader

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The Audio Innovate innoFADER PNP is a premium, replacement non-contact, user-customizable DJ crossfader.  That's a very long way of saying that the innoFADER PNP is quite possibly the best replacement crossfader on the market!


In the past, replacing your mixer's stock crossfader with an innoFADER was sometimes a cumbersome process and a bit of a science experiment.  Miscellaneous cables & adapters made the innoFADER a bit of a puzzle.  Not to mention you could potentially short the innoFADER out by coming into contact with other parts in the mixer.  Those days are over.  Built on the success of the original innoFADER, the innoFADER PNP has now arrived!!


The innoFADER PNP is a plug-n-play version of the original innoFADER.  Same outstanding fader...completely revolutionized usability.  For a complete listing of compatible mixers, or to determine which innoFADER you should buy for your particular mixer, please visit Audio Innovate's compatibility chart.




Installation instructions printed right on the crossfader

Reversible cables to help with the installation of a multitude of mixers. Innofader PNP not wired correctly?  The Innofader PNP now actually tells you.  Simply reverse the cable and watch for the green light!

Insulation layer on the crossfader to prevent short circuits

Top plate included for standard mixers

Top plate for Pioneer DJM-800 & DJM-900nexus mixers


So what exactly is an innoFADER in the first place?


The crossfader is at the very heart of the DJing experience. So why do so many mixers come with faders that feel like an afterthought? The feel of the crossfader is as important as any other feature of your mixer, so you deserve to have the best at your fingertips. 

The Audio Innovate innoFADER has been designed to completely change the way you feel about the crossfader. Having studied the habits and requirements of today’s DJs, the innoFADER  offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you just don’t find in other crossfaders. 

So thanks to the innoFADER, you'll no longer need to be less than satisfied with the stock fader in your mixer. Buy the innoFADER today and change your DJ life forever.




Wouldn't you rather have a fader that you just plug in and forget about? Isn't it a real pain to have to keep taking it out every few months to clean it, just so it continues to work? Such is the weakness of traditional faders - contact technology that will eventually break.

The innoFADER has been built from the ground up to utilise a new form of non-contact technology - capacitance. For you, this means installing and forgetting about it, rather than constant faceplate removing sessions to remove the build up of daily DJ dirt.

That's not all - the innoFADER has a whole arsenal of adjustments as well as an almost universal plug and play architecture, making it the most user friendly fader in the DJ scene.




The success of a mixer is largely down to the feel of the crossfader. It’s a highly personal experience that is often ignored with stock faders. You need to make it your own and feel that the fader won’t break in your hands. 

The innoFADER comes complete with a solid steel 8mm fader stem, designed to withstand even that hardest battering from a heavy handed scratch DJ. But thanks to specially designed polished Steel rails, the innoFADER runs as smooth as butter, responding to even the lightest touch. 

But that’s not all - if you prefer a little more resistance from your fader, the innoFADER has a special tension adjust control. It's also been designed so that the tension adjust screw stays in place - no working its way free inside your fader.


CLICK HERE to see if the Innofader fits YOUR Mixer.  You can always contact us to find out if the Innofader fits in your mixer


CLICK HERE for innoFADER Installation Instructions


CLICK HERE to visit the Support Section on innofader.com


**Please note: Due to their technical install nature, Innofader products may not be returned

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